Comparison of the cost per hour of flying for the Checkmate and the F-35 Aircrafts

Sergey Chemezov, director general of the state-owned Rostec Corporation, said that the cost of an hour for the flight of the promising Russian fighter “Checkmate” will be seven times lower than the cost of its American competitor F-35.

Chemezov added, in an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro: “Among the fifth-generation single-engine aircrafts and aircrafts of the previous generation, only the American F-35, can boast similar performance and technical specifications similar to the Russian Checkmate fighter. But our mentioned fighter, unlike its American competitor, is less Economically costly. Let me remind you that the Checkmate flight hour costs seven times less than the F-35.”

The Director General indicated that the Russian fifth-generation fighter “Checkmate” will be displayed for the first time outside Russia at the Dubai Airshow 2021 from November 14-18.

Checkmate was shown for the first time at this year’s Moscow Air Show.

According to Chemezov, among its main advantages are its highly stealthy ability, the presence of a modern radar with active relay antenna (AFAR), as well as the ability to adapt the aircraft to the wishes and needs of customers.

The new aircraft combines innovative solutions and technologies, including artificial intelligence support for the pilot, ensuring high flight performance.

Its maximum combat payload is 7.4 tons, and the fighter has a speed of up to two digits of Mach. The fighter is equipped with circular optical and electronic reconnaissance systems.